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We manage multiple eCommerce sites for over 8 years, some of which we own, selling both on-site and Ebay/Amazon.

Product Information Management which is every eCommerce managers’ most difficult challenge is our specialty.

We love email marketing, it’s straightforward, inexpensive and converts well to sales if done right.

On-site SEO, Link Building, Content/Social and Video marketing are the major tools we use to get our sites high up the Google chain.

what we do

Creative eCommerce was founded by Yoni and Tal that both have turned a single sale into very successful e-commerce businesses through years of dedication and experience. Their accomplishments were all reached by in-house work and this knowledge has been converted to a team of experts that formed CEC.


Putting aside branding, web design and other common factors of running a website, E-commerce brings on some unique challenges.  Product Information Management (PIM), SEO for Product and Category Pages, Comparison Shopping Engines and Customer Service Tools all require constant attention and directly affect sales and profits.  We know what works best and how to implement it correct and efficiently.


Cross Platform, Cross Browser and Responsive web design is crucial today for ranking higher, converting better and ultimately making you money.  We have A/B tested thousands of pages and design for success.


Site optimization is a task that if done right can generate a constant flow of sales for many years to come.  We have optimized sites before the Google era and have been doing so since.  PPC or advertising in Google and Bing is the major source of revenue for online business and perhaps the biggest part of any marketing budget.  With over 100 factors that affect these adverts, you want your budget in good hands.


Bringing traffic and converting it to sales are 2 very different things.  Conversion optimization requires almost scientific testing tools, psychology and test groups.  Intuition will almost always fail and we follow the rule “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it”.


PPC converts at an average of 1%, Organic traffic at ~2.5% and Email at an amazing 4.5%.  Email marketing is the best converting marketing tool and by using a well thought of marketing strategy can offer you the best ROI.


Marketplace sales are growing on a monthly basis and will soon account for 50% of retail sales in the USA.  You cannot run an ecommerce business without them but managing them and optimizing them is a very difficult task.  This ties directly to Product Information Management and using our in-house developed software is accomplished quickly and efficiently.


We’ve sold over 20M$ worth of goods on the web only in our own businesses, that is without counting customer sales. It takes a team of many experts to succeed with ecommerce due to the growing factors that should be considered and constantly increasing competition.


We know how to bring targeted traffic with a strong sales intent through SEO, SEM, Social Networks and others.


We improve conversions by using A/B testing, adding strong trust factors and creating a feel of credibility, urgency and professionalism.


By implementing reward programs, email marketing and sophisticated promotions, we make sure customers return for more.




Building and managing product information is the basis to every aspect of selling online. We do that with a unique software developed in-house.


By implementing a customer relationship management system we improve retention, customer satisfaction and enhanced remarketing.


By implementing an automated inventory management system we save on manpower, optimize for marketplaces and even directly increase sales.


Branding and Design



Uniquely beautiful, memorable, and trustworthy.


Top notch creative, business oriented.


Web 3.0, optimized for conversions.


Optimized for all devices.


Generating quality traffic is the basis to any web based business. Search Engines account for over 90% of such traffic.


How Do We Achieve Success ?

Each field is different but the basics stay the same. By using data from 10 years of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, we implement best practices and then test them an on-going basis to optimize them for your business.

  • Building site structure for customer usability and search engine bots..
  • Directing specific traffic to relevant landing pages.
  • Re-marketing and segmented advertising.
  • Optimizing desktop and mobile individually..
  • Analyzing past data to find new opportunities..
These services will ultimately account for over 80% of your revenue and should also consist of 80% of your marketing budget.


Basic SEO or SEM package starts at: $499/month.



It’s all about Strategy

Converting traffic into sales is something we consider to be an art. Implementing best practices like trust logos and guarantees is not enough. Conversion Optimization is tied to the way the service or product is presented, the customer service options and speed of the site.

We A/B test things, then test again and again until the optimum is reached, in a way that is practically scientific and is guaranteed to bring results.

Email Marketing

People love to read emails! Surprised? Well… that is a fact. Email is the best converting marketing tool and is so versatile and complex that almost anything can be accomplished with it.



Email marketing is not only about a monthly newsletter. It is about optimizing all communication with your customers. Transactional emails like “forgot your password” or order confirmations can be the key to better open rates on promotional emails and increased email interaction.

  • Stay connected with your customers biweekly or monthly..
  • Create triggered emails after abandoned carts or specific browsing profile.
  • Market your content, make use of surveys and polls.
  • Utilize transactional emails and follow-up emails to increase customer retention..
  • Gather leads that can be converted into sales down the road..

Basic Packages start from: $299


With over 15M$ sold on Ebay an Amazon in the past 8 years, we have the perfect team for the task.

50% of online retail in the US goes through online marketplaces.  70% in China and probably similar numbers around the world.  With Ebay and Amazon leading the game, marketplaces cannot be ignored and new ones are showing up annually.  Best Buy, New Egg, Sears and other large retails who have generated a significant source of income by marketplacing their websites.

Selling in marketplaces requires automatic integration with your ERP or ecommerce platform.  Real-time inventory management, complete control of your product information and different optimization in each and every marketplace.



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